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I’m reading the comments for “Brave 46” and all the love for Aigaron…!

  • "What got me the most was Ian using his ax and the line, ‘This attack, the sorrow behind it outweighs yours’…Its not just Candelira’s or Lukiero’s sorrow…it was Ian’s as well."
  • My sorrowful tin man!!!”
  •  Farewell Aigallon the saddest Villain”
  •  that awesome moment that the villain’s change of heart is so strong that you cry for his death”
  •  My feels were attacked so hard. The pain I felt for both Ian and Aigaron really stung.”
  • I’ve never cried during any episode of super sentai…except now”

I’m FINALLY catching up on Kyoryuger…!

Five months after it ended…

I’m on “Brave 46”, it’s Aigaron’s final episode and I can’t handle the feels!




Italian national police”carabinieri” is cool


growing attached to people but not wanting to be that clingy friend




Spiderman crashes Xmen set.

this needs to happen more often

i’m just a kid from brooklyn

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Why do we love Captain America so much as a character? What is it about him? x

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Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both school yard and battlefield.

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